We provide services designed to optimize business results, employing competent talent and state-of-the-art technology to identify and develop opportunities, through the creative and ethical use of information.


Business is our Business. Information is our raw material. In the current highly competitive scenario, the main objective of companies is to increase profits without increasing costs. Simple, right? Right. But to make it simple to reach this objective, and many others, it is necessary to have access to a fundamental and essential component of business: marketing information. Information that is frequently unavailable with the required speed, integrity and transparency. To get it, companies usually avail themselves of a specialized and competent consulting company that understands the needs and the objectives of their businesses.

This is the work that Simonsen Associados has been carrying on for 44 continuous years, contributing to the business and success of the clients, turning marketing information into profitable opportunities, and even into new businesses.

"For your eyes only". Secrecy, confidentiality, reliability and silence. There is frequently a Simonsen Associados contribution to the success of a great deal. To Harry Simonsen, Jr. founder of the company, being incognito is a constant. "Information can change the history of a company, as knowledge is power; silence is of the essence, to prevent competition to timely organize and become a threat. After all, our work is designed to provide results and profitability to our clients".

Results are our goals. Increase profits. This is what the clients want, this is what Simonsen Associados does. For each situation, a specific strategy. There are no pre-defined rules, creativity applied to business is a major factor. Marketing information is the key that supports the correct strategy. This information derives from the analysis of over 600 publications - daily, weekly, by monthly and monthly; bulletins, financial statements and annual reports. And field surveys to collect proprietary primary data. All of these stored in an efficient data bank, called affectionately the Electronic Library.

The work does not end there. This information is a basis for Simonsen Associados to develop market analyses, identification of opportunities; expansion and diversification programs; company evaluations, acquisitions and divestments; and marketing strategies, to meet the needs and the goals. A professional team of engineers, economists, business administrators, sociologists and statisticians, employing creativity, know-how, competence and full dedication to each project of each client.

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