Career Opportunities


Send us your résumé, preferably with photo, care of Geraldo.

  Av.9 de Julho, 5017 - 12º andar
CEP  01407-200
São Paulo - SP
Fax: (11) 3079-4958


Your are a persistent professional with initiative and ambition. After years of academia in leading colleges, did your time (it looks already pretty long ...) in first rate - specially consulting - Companies. We invite you to come practice with us the always stimulating art of business creativity, that we have successfully and continuously carried out during the past 44 years.

You will be part of, contribute to and lead teams in interesting business development programs, selling to and working with medium and large Companies, facing challenges that are quite different from the usual routine.

There are stimulating openings with us, via CIEE, for university students: conceptual and on-the-job training, full-time direct exposure to top expertise of our staff and of our clients.

Real fluency in written and spoken English is, naturally, a must.